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About the Try-Angle

Dr. Levi created the Try-Angle after witnessing how pain and unnecessary injury disrupt our life’s work and passion. After more than a decade of extensive design, research and experimentation, The Try-Angle emerged as a simple and effective way that everyone can protect and strengthen their hands, wrists, and forearms.

Early adopters and supporters range from elite athletes to computer-intensive professionals, who praise its benefits, whether recovering from injury or taking their professional performance to the next level.


Easy and Effective

A revolutionary new product, The Try-Angle is the most economical and efficient way to improve what you can accomplish with your hands.

Designed for on-the-go lifestyles, the compact and flexible hand fitness device travels with you. Experience the benefits from just a few minutes a day with The Try-Angle. Have Questions?


Have Questions?

Try angle about

The Try-Angle Mission Statement

The Try-Angle device is a hand, wrist and forearm strengthening device which was developed after years of countless research and data acquisition by Dr. Levi Harrison, an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon and Gamer. The device is a tool designed to assist in preventing injuries to the upper extremity. The device was truly developed to help individuals who are using their computers, keyboard, mouse, and gaming consoles. It was also developed to help all competitive and casual gamers as well as other working professionals. Our hands are the tools we use for unlimited static and dynamic activities thorough our lives and The Try-Angle truly effectively complements that use.

Dr. Levi

About Dr. Levi

Renowned orthopedic surgeon and fitness guru, Dr. Levi has a busy practice in Los Angeles and also provides his expertise to a multitude of media outlets and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Levi’s active and growing YouTube Channel provides an extensive catalogue of tips on health and fitness, gamers injuries, meditation and even ergonomic evaluation. His videos have helped millions globally.

Dr. Levi has appeared as a medical authority on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Fox TV, Studio 11 LA, the KTLA Morning News, and in major newspapers and fitness publications. He served as the Medical Director overseeing 6,500+ athletes at the Special Olympics World Games LA 2015, and also was awarded the “People of Distinction Humanitarian Award,” presented on Capitol Hill.

Dr. Levi says, “My mission is to heal, restore and rejuvenate, supporting my patients as they return to an improved quality of life.” The Try-Angle is key to that mission.



Throughout the years, I've had people want me to endorse products, and I'm not going to endorse a product unless I believe in it. I tried the Try-Angle, and felt greater mobility in my hands, strength, a lack of getting cramps. Everything started to feel better, and I started to feel much much more efficient. For anybody in the working world who is typing, using a mouse, or a masseuse…. You can utilize this device to make a big difference in just 2 or 3 minutes a day on each hand. And I feel the difference all the way throughout my shoulders and arms. It's an amazing device and something I truly believe has helped.

Mike Sable
Mr. World, Mr. America, Mr. Universe

It's funny, we train so hard for strength, for endurance, for flexibility, but when it comes to the dexterity of our hands, it's not until we're halfway up the rope that we realize "how am I going to pick this bar backup?" These little kinks I didnt know I had that were slowing me down, now they're gone. I'm really thankful for The Try-Angle. The arm strength is no joke!

Dan Wells
Elite CrissFit Athlete/Fitness Entrepreneur

The Try-Angle is amazing. It is great for nail artists, harid stylists, sous chefs, anybody who does a lot of minute work with their hands. It is Affordable. Portable. And Very Doable.

Virginia Levis
Entrepreneur/Executive Assistant

It's been three months since my shoulder surgery, and The Try-Angle has helped me strengthen my shoulder, the bi-cep tendon, and my whole upper extremity, and it's really been quite a benefit. My physical therapist says these exercises ar perfect for what I need to do to strengthen the shoulder.

James Volpe
Inventor and Designer

In his own words, Dr. Levi says,