Basic gaming

Who is Gaming?

  1. 2.50 billion video games globally
  2. 165-150 million gamers in the US
  3. 49-60% of Americans play video games daily, 52% men and 48% women.
  4. Average age of gamers 34-35 years old
  • * 26% under 18 years old
  • * 30% are 18-35 years old
  • * 17% 36-49 years old
  • * 27% 50+ years old

Cost of Gaming

  1. $25 billion spent in the US
  2. $90 billion is the expected worth of the video game marked by 2020

Game Popularity in the US

27.5% of video games sold in the United States were first person shooter games.

  • * All data curated and quoted from and

Common injuries in gamers

  • * Wrist Pain
  • * Thumb Pain / Gamer's Thumb
  • * Swollen Fingers
  • * Painful Finger
  • * Elbow Pain
  • * Shoulder Pain
  • * Neck Pain
  • * Back Pain

These common injuries can potentially be minimized or prevented with daily physical exercise, moderate gaming and daily Try-Angle exercise regimens for the upper extremity.

Maintaining a healthy well balanced diet also keeps the body in better overall condition with better strength and flexibility.

Gamers Health Rules

Rules for Healthy Gaming

  1. Recovery breaks – take a 5-10 minute ”stretch and relax” break after every 60 minutes of gaming
  2. Rotate the top 10 exercises done with The Try-Angle every month. Choose 2 or 3 different exercises and change them every week.
  3. Do the warm water bowl exercises daily.
  4. Do the hand warming and warm up exercises with The Try-Angle before gaming sessions and after gaming breaks.
  5. Use the Try-Angle for strengthening grip daily for 2-5 minutes. Place one Try-Angle in the circular form and place it into the inner power of the second Try-Angle to do the strengthening exercises.
  6. Set daily limits about the hours of game time/ screen time and adhere to your limits.
  7. Be sure to include your family and friends in some of your weekly gaming sessions. The entire family may become closer while gaming together.
  8. Teach your family and friends The Try-Angle exercises. Do the exercise with them.

Healthy Living for Gamers

  1. Communicate with your family that you enjoy gaming.
  2. Include your family and friends in gaming activities.
  3. Exercise daily-
    • Do the Try- Angle exercises
    • Do a daily exercise routine for 30-45 minutes every day consistently of aerobic and weight lifting exercise.
    • Recruit family members and friends to also exercise with you daily.
  4. Stop smoking
    • Consider joining a smoking cessation program
    • Speak to your local healthcare provider about quitting options such as using nicotine gum, or a patc
    • Group therapy to stop smoking is also available in some communities or via insurance companies or healthcare providers.
    • If you are married or have a partner, ask them to stop smoking with you. Partnership which has common goal will bring great support and hopefully a greater chance of success.

Mindfulness must be an essential part of the daily practice of the all gamers

  1. Sitting still for a 10-15 minute in quietness once or twice per day is essential to help relax the mind and body.
  2. Taking a 5-10 minute peaceful walk is a form of active mindfulness.
  3. Mediation may increases your ability to focus and concentrates while gaming.
  4. Mediation may assist in minimizing Gamer’s Range which can every destructive behavior.
  5. Affirmation for gamers
    • The affirmations can be said 2 or 3 times per day or while doing the mindfulness meditation or while exercising.

Daily Affirmations

  1. I will play well
  2. I love this game and I win.
  3. I control the game. It does not control me.
  4. I play like a champion because I am a champion.
  5. I am a valuable player on my team. My team and I are winners.
  6. I play in moderation but I win abundantly.
  7. I easily control my range or anger while gaming.

Basic Injury Prevention Strategies for Gamers

  1. Play in moderation.
  2. Take breaks for 5-10 minutes after every hour of gaming to do active stretches with The Try-angle
  3. Use The Try-Angle exercises daily even when you are not gaming.
  4. Stay well hydrated while gaming.
  5. Minimize eating high sugar or high caffeine content foods or liquids while gaming.
  6. Stand up every hour of gaming for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Pump your calves (calf muscles of your leg) every 15 minutes for 1-2 minutes when you are seated. This should also be done when traveling on a plane. Share this traveling tip with family and friends.
  8. Be sure your gaming station is ergonomically balanced.
  9. Be sure to use a mouse and keyboard that fit your hand.
  10. Sit upright when gaming and avoid rounding the shoulders and spine.
  11. Eating healthy snacks when gaming.
  12. Avoid smoking and vaping due to the potential documented harmful effects on the body and overall health.
  13. Get daily exercise for 30-45 minutes to improve and hopefully maintain great health, stamina and muscular endurance.

This can potentially improve your overall health and ability to actively game.

The Gamers’ Handbook

This is the Ultimate Product for All Gamers who want to optimize the health and longevity of their hands. These exercises were designed by the Gamer’s Doctor to assist in preventing injuries in the Try-Angle Community (2TAC) of Pro, elite and casual gamers. Every Gamer must have The Gamers’ Handbook for daily use. Get it Now!

Essential Try-Angle Exercises

These exercises are demonstrated well on the videos. The exercises should be done daily.

Priorities of Life for Gamers

Even though we all love gaming, as gamers, it is important to embrace other parts of our lives. Here is a list of recommendations

  1. Family/ Friends- Spend time with your family. Ask your family to join you while gaming. Do not isolate yourself from family and friends. Do activities with your family and be fully present with them.
  2. Prioritize eating healthy with minimal processed foods and sodas and more healthy fruits and vegetables. Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle which consists of daily anaerobic and aerobic exercises for 30-45 minutes.
  3. Prioritize your education, vocation or passion and stay focused to make your life unfold the way you wish.
  4. Use daily mindfulness/ meditation techniques to quiet your mind and focus on your life goals, short term and long term.
  5. Embrace the joys of life like volunteering for a charity, traveling and getting your education, to be of greater service to the world.
  6. Remember there are many careers in gaming to consider such as game design, code development, and light and sound design. Consider developing your own unique game.
  7. Make your life follow your dreams. Stay active. Be kind. Be Honest. Be of Service. Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Gamers Mental

Note: These are suggestions about Gamers Mental Health. Please immediately consult with your local mental health professional first before using any of these suggestions.

Gamers Rage

I have defined Gamer’s Range as unbridled, violent verbal or physical outburst while playing video games which may be accompanied with damage to property, to self or to others.

As the Gamers Doctor, I have spoken to countless games about this issue. I have written about Gamer’s Rage previously.

Here are my tips to prevent Gamers Rage

1. As you find yourself getting more angry and agitated while playing, just stop and walk away from your gaming station for 5 minutes.


2. Breathe slowly and then take a walk and recognize that you are playing a game. 3. When you pick up something to throw, like your game console or keyboard, Stop! Put it down and walk away from the desk. Breathe slowly and step away from the game. 4. Anti -Gamer’s Rage Strategy

Then Remember:
Stop! (Stop gaming) Breathe!
Put it down!
Walk away!

This technique can help you to be in better control and can assist in avoiding injury to you, your pets, and other people or your property (like your keyboard or monitor).


  1. Gamers that are feeling sad not sleeping or eating or even stressed during or after playing video games should always let family and friends know that you need help. You can also reach out to other gamers who can possibly get your help. I am also personally here to help you but you have to reach out for a helping hand.
  2. Parents, friends or family who see changes in behavior in any gamer should speak with them and ask them, do they need help. Have open communication with people that you have concerns about, who game or play any sport.
  3. Parents and family members are aware of the actions or lack thereof; when observing family members or friends. If someone has become very isolated, not speaking ,volatile, moody, or appears sad and fatigued, then ask them can you help and make suggestions for medical or psychologic assistance.
  4. Communicative Approach to Gamers

A) Be involved. B) Do not Judge. C) Speak with them. D) Get them active help.

Suicidal Thoughts or Ideation

If you or any person is thinking about or considering suicide please, please immediately speak with your family, friends, classmates or neighbors. Let them know you need help. Here is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 or call the number or Click the link above for help immediately.

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