Strength your hand, wrist and forearm

Dr. Levi

Easy and effective

Easy-to-use with Dr. Levi’s exercises, in just minutes a day, The Try-Angle will minimize pain and increase your hand strength, speed, and flexibility.

Built strength

Build Strength

Whether an MMA fighter or a mom wishing to be more active in lifting her small child, The Try-Angle’s Strengthening Exercises will help increase your grip and grip strength.

Improve Grip and Swing Power Strengthen Hands, Wrists and Gorearms

Built strength

Increase flexibility

Consistent hand warm-ups with the Try-Angle help with intense endurance for gaming, athletics, and long workdays at the computer.

Increase Finger And Wrist Mobility Attain Warmed-Up, Efficient Hands

Built strength

Boost speed

The Try-Angle's Speed Series feature exercises specifically designed to help you develop your actions per minute, and improve the speed of your fingers when typing, texting, or gaming.

Increase Finger And Wrist Mobility Attain Warmed-Up, Efficient Hands


Hand and wrist pain disrupt our passionate pursuits. The Try-Angle helps to minimize and improve debilitating conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. Keep your hands fit, and get more out of work and life.

Stretch for power, for strength, for health.

Dr. Levi

Meet Dr. Levi Harrison

Hand and Orthopedic Surgeon

“I help many athletes and non-athletes regain function after debilitating conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. I created the Try-Angle for strengthening the hand, wrist and forearm to prevent injury and keep you active in life.”

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Dr. Levi


Throughout the years, I've had people want me to endorse products, and I'm not going to endorse a product unless I believe in it. I tried the Try-Angle, and felt greater mobility in my hands, strength, a lack of getting cramps. Everything started to feel better, and I started to feel much much more efficient. For anybody in the working world who is typing, using a mouse, or a masseuse…. You can utilize this device to make a big difference in just 2 or 3 minutes a day on each hand. And I feel the difference all the way throughout my shoulders and arms. It's an amazing device and something I truly believe has helped.

Mike Sable
Mr. World, Mr. America, Mr. Universe

It's funny, we train so hard for strength, for endurance, for flexibility, but when it comes to the dexterity of our hands, it's not until we're halfway up the rope that we realize "how am I going to pick this bar backup?" These little kinks I didnt know I had that were slowing me down, now they're gone. I'm really thankful for The Try-Angle. The arm strength is no joke!

Dan Wells
Elite CrissFit Athlete/Fitness Entrepreneur

The Try-Angle is amazing. It is great for nail artists, harid stylists, sous chefs, anybody who does a lot of minute work with their hands. It is Affordable. Portable. And Very Doable.

Virginia Levis
Entrepreneur/Executive Assistant

It's been three months since my shoulder surgery, and The Try-Angle has helped me strengthen my shoulder, the bi-cep tendon, and my whole upper extremity, and it's really been quite a benefit. My physical therapist says these exercises ar perfect for what I need to do to strengthen the shoulder.

James Volpe
Inventor and Designer